Sciatica can be a pain in the butt: Chiropractic topics.

Sciatica is a term that encompasses pain that travels down the leg from several sources. Disc herniation is one condition that may produce sciatica due to irritation of the nerves in the lower part of the spine. Other conditions of the lower back can produce sciatica that may be similar to the sciatica from a disc condition. Problems with the sacro-iliac joint may cause sciatica, however, the pain seldom travels below the knee. Piriformis syndrome is another common condition that may impinge the sciatic nerve and send pain down the leg.
Bruising or contusion of the sciatic nerve is another possiblity in cases of sciatica and can be the result of a blow or fall on the buttocks. Bruising of the sciatic nerve may cause pain that travels all the way to the foot or calf. There may even be numbness associated with this condition. It is important in bruising of the sciatic nerve to prevent stretching of the nerve while healing.
Bursitis of the hip may also cause pain that travels down the leg. This type of pain is generally on the outer part the the thigh and is somewhat different in character and distribution that other types of sciatica. The pain of bursitis of the hip is generally worse if lying on the affected side.
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