Back injuries-Compression Fracture-Chiropractic Topics

Compression fractures are a back injury that may result from a force that compresses the spine. Compression fractures usually occur in the lower part of the thoracic spine or the upper lumbar spine. The area would be about half way between the belt line and the shoulder blades. This type of injury may occur after falling on the butt or from jumping off a height and landing on the feet. In older people the onset may occur after something as mild as sneezing. Usually the pain from a compression fracture begins immediately. Often a compression fracture indicates there is a weakness in the bone and may indicate osteoporosis. Typically the acute pain from a compression fracture may last for several weeks. In the acute phase rest and pain medications are helpful.
One key point is that all persons with osteoporosis should avoid flexion exercises of the trunk. Flexion exercises would be bending forward at the waist. Flexion exercises were found to cause a marked increase in compression fractures in people with osteoporosis who performed exercises for lower back pain.
Chiropractic care is helpful for cases of compression fracture after the acute phase has passed. Usually Chiropractic adjustments for this type of pain focus on gentle stretching and muscle work.
Compression fractures are usually diagnosed by x rays but often the condition may be obvious from the history and area of pain.

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Benefits of Heat-Chiropractic topics

Heat is one of the most used therapeutic modalities. Heat may be either superficial or deep. Most types such as a hot pack or heating pad are considered to be superficial and only heat the upper layers of the body. Heat therapy may increase the viscosity of the fluid in the joints but it must be applied very close to a painful level which most people aren’t going to do at home. Heat is generally considered effective prior to exercise to increase the elasticity of muscles and tendons. Heat is also usually not recommended for acute injury and may produce extra pain when applied to an injury. Heat is sometimes used in the Chiropractic setting to relax patients. Most type of heat do not penetrate into the lower levels of the back and are superficial. Heat is often effective in warming up chronically stiff joints or sports injuries prior to exercise. Cold should be applied after exercise if the joints become painful after exercise.
Deep heat is seldon used at home. Deep heat is usually applied by ultrasound, diathermy, radiant heat or microwave. Deep heat is sometimes used in Chiropractic settings or in Physical therapy.

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Chiropractic and Whiplash

Chiropractors are the main providers of care for persons suffering from whiplash. Auto insurance policies provide coverage for injuries from auto accidents including whiplash. Most whiplash injuries primarily involve the spine and Chiropractors are known for their focus on the spine.
Whiplash injury often produces a condition known as spinal splinting. Splinting is a loss of motion of the spine due to injury and pain in the joints of the spine. Splinting causes fixations in the joints of the spine and causes additional stress on the spine. Chiropractic adjustments reduce spinal fixations and splinting and relieves stress on injured joints trying to heal.
Prolonged joint fixation may often result in degeneration of joints or the condition known as osteoarthritis or spondylosis. One study in dogs showed irreversable changes to the joints after only two months of splinting.

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Pain in the front of the Shoulder-Sports injury

Pain in the front of the shoulder is often due to tendinitis of the biceps tendon. Throwing motions are one possible irritant of the biceps tendon. Usually the pain is felt from the tip of the shoulder down the front of the arm to 3-4 inches below the shoulder. Biceps tendinitis pain may be fairly severe and limit the range of motion of the shoulder. Other factors may cause the biceps tendon to become inflammed as well such as office work or weight lifting. Often some people may have shoulder pain due to the biceps tendon without any known cause.
Generally rest and icing are helpful in all tendinitis situations and are very helpful for biceps tendinitis. Myofascial release treatments are highly effective for the biceps tendon and may often relieve the condition within several weeks or less. I have treated cases of shoulder pain due to biceps tendinitis that were able to resolve within a week.
If pain in the front of the shoulder is associated with and injury and a snap in the front of the shoulder was heard one possibility may be rupture of the transverse tendon of the biceps. It rupture of the transverse tendon a snapping may be felt at the front of the shoulder in some motions of the arm.

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Triceps Tendinitis-Sports Injuries-Chiropractic

The triceps are the muscles at the back of the arm that extend the elbow. Overuse of the triceps may result in tendinitis at the back of the elbow. Usually the pain is associated with excessive actitity such as lifting weights. Myofascial release treatment is highly effective for triceps tendinitis. Ice and rest from the irritating activity is also very important. Most individuals have positive response from myofascial release treatment and Chiropractic within several weeks.

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